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The Reality of Being Mentally Unwell

I really do not know how to get back from being used to independence; the knowledge that no one else could have my back. This is what it looks like to be one who braves the symptoms of mental illness alone for a little bit too much time, by themselves.

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Love and Mental Health

What has made mental illnesses such a taboo in our society? Why can’t we have PDV (Public Display of Vulnerability) as much as we have PDA (Public Display of Affection)?

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Gambling Disorder

Recently, the definition of addiction has been extended to include a wide array of other non-substance abuse behaviours like gambling disorder, internet gaming, sex, exercise and shopping addiction.

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In mental illness, as the case in life, art plays a huge role in making us feel alive. Listening to music, playing an instrument, drawing, painting, writing etc., are all great ways for us to meditate and reflect on who we are.

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The Principle of F*ck distribution

What is the trigger of depression in university students? What causes students to take their own lives because of their exams or their education? What is the solution?

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The First Signs

Scientific studies show that mental illness doesn't just show up one day and change who you are. In most cases, it is a very slow process that starts in the early teenage years and gets to be full-blown in the early 20's.

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Learning the Signs

Ever lived your life always wondering “why on earth am I here for?” This was me for a very long time, the universe kept on sending me numerous signs and messages but I never ever read between the lines.

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Welcome message

This site started as a result of conversations between friends who happened to be very interested in mental health and wanted to really talk about the stigma in society around the topic. A few weeks later, here we are. We aim to discuss, educate, and champion for mental health in Kenya. Read More