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Mental  Health Education and Advocacy

Our goal is to promote and contribute to the larger conversation in community about what mental health is about, and what it is not about. We do this by building community, educating on mental health and promoting empathy and awareness among Kenyans about mental health.


About Us

We are a group of young people passionate about mental health, and eager to discuss about this crucial topic. Some of us have lived experiences with mental illness, have relatives/friends who have mental illnesses, or are curious about educating ourselves and others on mental health. Either way, we are a growing group of activists and advocates for mental health education

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Sharing stories to reduce the stigma around mental illness

We embrace the power of stories to connect us and remind us of our shared humanity. In our blog series, we publish articles from various brave readers who share their experiences with mental illness and provide ways to live a healthy life.

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Connecting patients to mental health care

We are invested in making mental health education and access available to everyone. As we grow, we are partnering with different mental health professionals to ensure that patients can easily access professional help.

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Educating on various mental health illnesses

To break the stigma around mental illness in our community, we recognize the importance of information access. We publish about various mental illnesses, coping strategies, and more.

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Get Involved

Start a conversation. Book us for a program or training. Volunteer for us. Write for Us. Share and spread the message of AKILI in your life and community. See more opportunities below.

Book us

AKILI faciliates workshops and mental health trainings for: schools, organizations and workplaces

Volunteer opportunities

AKILI has many opportunities to volunteer your skills: from writing an article, sharing our work on social media and maintaining our website

Make a Donation

We exist because of the generous members who support our work. Make a donation and help pay for website hosting, patient visits, etc.

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