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Mindfulness & Mental Health

Contribute Your Skills to a Meangingul Cause

Tell Your Story
Write an article and help educate, enlighten and spread awareness on mental health.
Social Media & Tech
Help with our social media campaigns or site maintenance (Python/Django, HTML, CSS)
Ad Hoc Opportunities
Have an idea for collaborating with us? Contact us and we can work together.
Grow your skills with Project AKILI
Project AKILI is run by young professionals who volunteer their time and skills to spreading awareness on mental health. We all love the work we do at AKILI, and we love sharing our knowledge and skills with each other. If you believe in our mission, join us and we can work together to champion for mental health.
There are no great things, only small things done with great love.

We collaborate with various people to make mental health resources accessible to everyone.

No matter what your skills are, we can find a place for you to do meaningful work at Project AKILI. You can write, code, advocate, teach for us.
We care about mental wellness, and the wellbeing of our society's mental health. Join us and volunteer your time and skills to a meaningful cause.

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